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NATURE TAPE LIMB              cd-r $9 
                                                                                                               TAPE $5

1.naturalism                                    ntl-01
#1Naturalism:a compilation ranging from minimal forest droppings to ritualistic bloodbath songs.Neil campbell,rob hayler,the wooden cupbroad,cja,the nether dawn,gnome eaters,the candle magicains,noun cocoon and the skaters...

The Wooden Cupbroad  3"cd-r    plam reading in the sacred universe wilderness
the cave man of blood that emerges from the earth

3.The Skaters   dark rye bread                     ntl-03

strategic bloodbath carols sung by strange wooden animals playing in the shadowy garden of blood and golden puke.

coming soon:april
1.grey park=Gradient descent of my collective mind.

2.CJA.IRONCLAD.birds and fountains sing along under the floating haze of dead animal scent.